Freezer Repairs Perth

Nothing seems wasteful than a food stock going bad because you placed it in inadequate storage places such as a damaged freezer. Should you seek providers for either freezer or fridge repair in Perth, you can always count on Prompt Fridge Services for quality services. We have a team of licensed and qualified repairers who can deal with any fridge or freezer issues.

Common Freezer Issues We Fix

Before you seek service providers who can do freezer or fridge repair in Perth, it is best if you can identify the following common freezer issues beforehand:

Irregular Temperature

Be alarmed if your freezer is warming up or is not getting cold enough.
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Air and Water Leaks

Air leaking from your walk-in freezer? Water leaking from your kitchen fridge? That is not normal—have it checked up. 

Ice and Frost Build-up

Do you have a bad habit of putting in hot food right away in your freezer? Then expect ice build-ups in your freezer.

Damaged Food Products

When you bought your food products, you would typically choose the ones with a farther expiration date. Your freezer certainly has a problem if you notice that your products look, feel, or smell differently than expected.

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We did not withstand thirty years in the repair and maintenance industry for nothing. Prompt Fridge Services only provides the best freezer and fridge repair services in Perth. If you find yourself searching “freezer repairs near me”, know that we are just a call away. Dial 0411 339 362 or send an email to, and we will tend to your repair needs as promptly as possible.