Fridge Repair Perth

Refrigerators last long not because of their brand or specifications—most of the time, it’s all about proper use and maintenance. Once you notice that it needs fixing, you need to act right away. Hence, if you are looking for fridge repair in Perth, you can depend and rely on Prompt Fridge Repairs.

Qualified Mobile Refrigerator Mechanics at Your Service

Finding a licensed professional who can guarantee you quality fridge repair services can be challenging. However, once you enlist us for your fridge repair needs, you don’t only access our latest technology. You can also benefit from the quality craftsmanship of our refrigerator mechanics. Our fridge repairers are fully qualified and licensed. They only know the best parts to use on your appliances.


Why Prompt Fridge Services?

We are a family-owned business that provides repairs and services for fridges, freezers, and wine fridges. You can put your complete trust in our mobile refrigeration mechanics, who only know what’s best for most of your refrigerator needs. We are also backed with many years of experience across various brands, such as LG, Fisher & Paykel, Haier, Westinghouse, and Samsung.

Are you tired of looking up “fridge repair in Perth near me” only to get unreliable results? We put the prompt in Prompt Fridge Repairs, so if you need quick fridge repair in Perth, call 0411 339 362 or send an email to